Fly a real fighter jet! – MiGFlug organizes fighter jet flights in different military fighter aircraft models – also to non-pilot customers. So there is no flight expeirence needed. Among the fighter aircraft offered are the L-39 Flight, Hawker Hunter Flight, MiG-15 Flight, MiG-29 Supersonic Flight and the Edge of Space Flight, which also takes place in the MiG-29 Fulcrum. All of them include stunning aerobatics and maneuvres. And all of them can be controlled and flown by the passenger/client during part of the flight.
Since this video has been made, a couple of more fighter aircraft have been added to the jet fleet: The T-33 in Canada, the MB-326 and Jet Provost in Italy and a Jet Provost near London, UK. MiG-15 flights take place in Czech Republic now.